Technology is evolving rapidly and with the rise in number of startups since last decade, there have been tremendous rise in number of programming languages.

When you are learning to program you must carefully choose your tool (the programming language) in which you would want to code your entire life, right? If this article was being written 10 years ago, i would have simply said just go with JAVA and you will have a great career ahead as a software engineer, but this is not the case any more.

In today's world it's better to learn the concepts (Design Patterns, Problem solving techniques) instead of mastering a programming language. Just know the basics.

With rise and fall of startup's these days you cannot stick to just one programming language, as tech industry is going through a transformation phase where everyday next big thing is coming up and if you want to be on same track you need evolve along with technology. Mastering a single language has its own drawback, as you will be bound to conventions of that particular language and your boundaries will be limited.

Taking an example here, suppose you are working on front-end majorly javascript/css/html5 and have no idea what is going on at backend. Now this leaves you dependent on backend person(currently unavailable) for resolving a bug which might have raised due to integration issues (for obvious reasons). A bug which could have been resolved in 5 minutes have been delayed by hours or a day just because you didn't know how to program in that language. I personally favour Full stack development which means you program a module end to end.

Another advantage is you get a complete bird eye view of the project you are working on who see's project as a whole and doesn't just stick to one module or just one side of the project.

If you already know at least 3-4 programming languages, you already know how easy it is to learn the 5th one. Programming language should never be a barrier in your path to success and becoming a better Developer/Coder.

Now you must be wondering what programming languages should one learn?

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