The one good thing about IT world is that opportunities never end here, Any day you can plan switching from your current job, just you need is right ingredients to mix it up in your resume. Although I am not promising that the list below will get you hired, as it also depends on you and some of the core skills like Algorithms,data structure, operating system concepts, networking etc etc. that are independent of the programming languages you code.

What is most required in IT world is specialisation in a particular technology, you must have heard the proverb “Jack of all trades, master of none” well this also holds in IT industry too, as they don’t require JACK’S, all they need is a person (Master) who has some sort of specialisation.

Below is the list of Programming Languages/Skills (You do not need to learn all of them) that can get you hired or at least act as added benefit


Maintaining its position from the start JAVA is one of the most required skill (still) in IT industries and will continue for another decade(at least), seriously you cannot beat this. Already so many of softwares have been written in JAVA that its impossible to just abandon this language. It is one of the core skills that is required by mega giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple etc etc (this list can go to infinity…).

2. Android Software Development and Objective C

Though android is not a programming language but characterising it as a Software skill, it has emerged as a skill that most of industries require. With Advancement in mobile computing and increasing market share of android it has become core skill for any startup, Game development and mobile based industries. Every company/organisation need android developers to code mobile apps, and same holds for Objective C for making apps for iOS.

3. SQL

SQL is not a programming language rather its more like pseudo natural language (this is still debatable), but when it comes to its requirement its really important that you have basic understanding of this language. Beside
knowing any of the programming languages, this is a must required skill for any developer, and every industry by default assumes that you know SQL.(period)

4. Javascript

Not to be confused, Javascript is entirely different from JAVA and has emerged as one of required skill for a web development industry, as now every industry needs a web developer to build and maintain websites, they need a developer who specialises in javascript. Though javascript is not used directly for building a website these days, there are tons of frameworks/library for javascript like jQuery, Angularjs, Prototype.js Backbone.js etc etc. It is one of the required skill by start-up industries. Some of the industries like Zomato, Snapdeal, and many other online retailer require developers in this area.


Okay you are not good at making logics but you are good at creativity it doesn’t mean you won’t get hired, Again this is not a programming language but a markup language every UI/UX designer should have. Every industry not just only IT but every industry require themselves to represent well among there audience and for this, they require a website with amazingly awesome interfaces. With HTML5 and CSS3 you can design a website more elegantly and efficiently and get yourself hired.

6. C

If you are a Windows person you obviously need to know C#. C# has been used for ASP.NET development for creating ASP website and was thought as a replacement for JAVA (JSP), If you already know JAVA it will be easy for you to grasp it as most of the concepts are similar. Many IT industries have there development in and for WINDOWS and by knowing C# you can develop applications for desktop and web. You obviously want to get hired by Microsoft :P

7. C++/C/System-C

Don’t worry there is a always a special place for languages that you learned during you Engineering days. C++/C and system C always valuable and are most popular in mobile industries and system level design industries, All the industries hat work on developing micro-chips to operating systems (this covers a huge range of hardware and softwares not going in details) require these special skills.

8. PHP

It is the most popular language for all the website development stuff and is known for creating websites that are speedingly fast. Most of (nowadays all) Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) are written in PHP. PHP is required by startups and client based industries and has huge requirement as well.

9. Python

It has emerged and is still emerging and one day will be replacing many of the above languages from the list, It is really a beautiful language and can do tremendous of tasks(not going in details again) easily. This feature of python has made it popular and is loved by many IT industries and giants like Google. Most of the linux scripts have been written in Python and it also added benefit for making GUI application for desktop quite easily.

10. Ruby

Ruby on rails or just Ruby is becoming popular as the language of the web. It is known for fast development of powerful applications. It’s website quote “Ruby lets you write beautiful code by favouring convention over configuration”. Twitter, Basecamp, Github are some organisation that use Ruby.