Welcome to blogs of icanbeacoder.


The name iCanBeACoder, was inspiration from icanbecreative.com(that focuses on website design and many other design related things). I am still learning to code and will surely take a lifetime to master this art, so you may find errors, contradicting ideas in future blog posts, please let us know through comments if you have any thoughts.

The technology is evolving quickly and each day there bunch of things that keep coming in life of coders. The blog focusses on things like Trending News, Life Hacks, Scripts to automate tasks, coding conventions and science stuff that is supercool and many many other awesome stuff about coder's world.

The logo you see actually is #! in webdings font, go ahead search for it, its easy to find.

icanbeacoder.com is not biased, means we do not boast about any particular OS, or technologies, but we recommend Linux over other, as it is highly configurable. At least install it on Virtual Machine. Again It doesn’t matter whatever OS/technology you use, you are going to be a coder soon!

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