Why programming is fun?

Joy of making things

Writing a code that works and which can do some bunch of stuff has always delighted people. It's like creating new things from scratch and it's you who shape it. This gives you 'God' like feeling in a way that you are the creator and destroyer

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Some pointers to keep in mind for SEO and Analytics

Online Marketing is becoming one of the most crucial part for any business, after all you want a website that can be seen by millions of users. It's required for kick starting any online application.

Online business firms are investing millions of $$ to get online marketing right but there is

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Save money on staging servers hosted on AWS

We wanted to reduce the AWS bill, first thing we did was to reduce the number of RDS instances and create different databases in the same instance. Next we could save by moving from on-demand to reserved for ec2-instance, which would at the least reduce 30% of per hour charge.

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