This is one of the most popular conky theme among linux users, and now its here, revive your desktop with infinity conky theme. you can download theme –

Download Here

Conky Theme

Theme : Infinity

Version : 1.0

Author : Harshit

Dependencies : Conky 1.8.0

Bottom Dock : Avant Window Navigator

Desktop theme : Mint-X-icons

Icon Theme : Mint-X-theme

Installation Instructions

Step 1 : Install Conky

            Ubuntu :   apt-get install conky-all

            Fedora : yum install conky

            see documentation for other distros in order to install conky

Step 2 : Extract the Infinity tar/rar file

Step 3 : change the name of conkyrc to .conkyrc

            change name of lua to .lua

            change name of conky to .conky

Step 4 : Copy these 3 files .conkyrc, .lua and .conky files to your home directory

            cp * ~/

Step 5 : Open .conkyrc and adjust the screen resolution according to your desktop

Step 6 : Also adjust haunted.lua in .lua directory according to screen resolution

Step 7 : I have also given u a file named rev-eng.psd in order to modify the background image of conky so u can adjust it too.

Step 8 : Some scripts for mem,cpu etc have been written separately . you can delete them

Step 9 : Now you are ready to run conky

            open terminal and type $chmod a+x ~/.conky/

                                                        $sh ~/.conky/

                                                        it will start after delay of 15

                                                        add this file to startup application in order to load it at startup


        Run Directly :   $ conky&

Updated the .conkyrc theme as u might be getting an error “/home/Rev-Eng/Solaris” variable not identified or something like that” -> just changed the a path to “/home ” in conkyrc file and everything would be working fine :)

patched conkyrc file==> modified the wlan0 problem