In order for this website to work properly, we sometimes store small files - called cookies - on your device. This is common on most major websites.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files with small amount of data, which may include an anonymous unique identifier. Cookies are sent to your browser from a web site and stored on your computer's hard drive.
Like many sites, we use "cookies" to collect information. You can instruct your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to use some portions of our Site.

How do we use cookies?

  • To improve the user experience, show targeted ads and suggest content based on recently read articles.
  • We use cookies, localStorage and sessionStorage. The sessionStorage persists for the duration of the session only. The local storage will persist until cleared by the web browser. Cookies live for the duration specified by our service.
  • The majority of all cookies are determined by third-party scripts. They collect data that will be used later to improve the user experience on our website.
  • The cookies that are set in our domain are accessible via and embedded scripts.

About Goole Analytics/Facebook pixels and custom audiences

The Pixel is an analysis tool that allows us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising by understanding the actions of users on your site. We use pixel data for:

  • To make sure our ads are displayed to the right people.
  • Create advertising target groups.

When someone visits our site and takes action, the pixel fires and reports that action. Custom Audiences is a targeting option that compares users who visit our site with people on Google/Facebook who use the Pixel. We then create an ad to show to this audience.

Control over cookies

You can control and / or delete cookies at will. Like, learn here: . You can delete all cookies stored on your computer and set most browsers to prevent the storage of cookies. But then you may have to make some settings manually every time you visit a page and take the degradation of some features into account.