Some pointers to keep in mind for SEO and Analytics

Online Marketing is becoming one of the most crucial part for any business, after all you want a website that can be seen by millions of users. It's required for kick starting any online application.

Online business firms are investing millions of $$ to get online marketing right but there is

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Different coding styles

We already have too many division in society and here is the division of people based on their coding style, yeah yeah i am being a codist ;)

1_brackets on the right

Egyption Dance

// Do something
2_brackets at bottom

Old school

// Do something
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What programming languages can get you hired?

The one good thing about IT world is that opportunities never end here, Any day you can plan switching from your current job, just you need is right ingredients to mix it up in your resume. Although I am not promising that the list below will get you hired, as

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Init - Welcome to iCanBeACoder

Welcome to blogs of icanbeacoder.


The name iCanBeACoder, was inspiration from focuses on website design and many other design related things). I am still learning to code and will surely take a lifetime to master this art, so you may find errors, contradicting ideas in future

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Inifinity Conky Theme

This is one of the most popular conky theme among linux users, and now its here, revive your desktop with infinity conky theme. you can download theme –

Download Here

Conky Theme

Theme : Infinity

Version : 1.0

Author : Harshit

Dependencies : Conky 1.8.0

Bottom Dock : Avant Window Navigator

Desktop theme

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