While fiddling through the internet one day I came across an interesting article1 which made me question my own existence "Do i seriously develop anything or just google it out". If you also think the same way do not worry, you are not alone.

Google, Stackoverflow, geeksforgeeks have made developing a program way too easy, instead of scratching our own head and pulling out hairs we simply google the problem statement and get the answer right away and in some edge cases within few days.

Instead of applying our own brains we make other people "the community" think for us and solve the problem, and why not, time is precious

No doubt these websites are way too much helpful, but have created an ecosystem in which we just copy the code as it is.


A similar analogy

while solving a multiple choice questions in school how many times did you looked into the answer sheet behind the book and felt like cheating ?

Well copying code from others without applying your own brain is same thing as cheating. Solutions to Interview problem, project euler's, codechef's, all are there on the web. People have been memorising the code for interviews and exams.

These shortcuts come with a great price in which we never achieve in-depth knowledge about concepts and just end up copying the code and patching it up with our application.

Back in the days when these communities were not active people still programmed and made ground breaking softwares. We too need to learn from the Guru's, Read books, undestand design patterns, algorithms concept and think about the problem statement deeply and seek help from these tools only when it is super critical.


Takeaways :
  1. Spend at least one day in a week without using google and stackoverflow to solve the problem.

  2. NEVER COPY CODE FROM STACKOVERFLOW - read through the documentation, books and implement your own logic.

  3. Practise problems from project euler and spend at least two days a week to learn about design pattern and algorithms.

  4. Solving the problem might take some time than usual approach but it will be worth every extra second spent.

  5. Get out of comfort zone and start using brains.


If you think the article made sense, let me know your views in comments.