We are looking for content creators and professionals who want to share their knowledge to world.  Initially I won't be able to pay you for content that you post here, but the day this website starts making money, we all will share the profits. We will be using Ads services from various platforms and see how can we monetize it. All interested candidates can drop me an email at info@icanbeacoder.com

Our mission is to provide free education to everyone about computer related stuff. As the name of website suggest iCanBeACoder , everyone can be a coder and it's just not limited to a computer science degree.

The wide range of topics that we will be covering but not limited to include:

  • Algorithms (covers almost everything)
  • Design patterns
  • Database patterns/anti patterns
  • Scalability issues
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Javascript (and all things build around it)
  • Animation programming
  • Game Development
  • Rails
  • Python
  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • AI
  • Web Development
  • Reactive programming
  • DEVOPS/AWS/Google Cloud
  • Linux
  • Interesting facts about latest tech revolutions
  • Designing
  • Computer Architecture
  • Maths - Statistics, Probabilty and everthing else what's required for becoming a better programmer.

email at info@icanbeacoder.com

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