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Getting Started with the Elm Programming Language
Published at: Fri, 8 Dec 2017

When the lead developer of a very interesting and innovative project suggested switching from AngularJS to Elm, my first thought was: Why?

We already had a nicely written AngularJS application that was in a solid state, well tested, and proven in production. And Angular 4, being a worthy upgrade from AngularJS, could have been a natural choice for the rewrite—so could React or Vue. Elm seemed like some strange domain-specific language that people have barely heard of.

Elm p... Read more.

Find the best site to hire the right PHP developer in under 60 seconds
Published at: Wed, 29 Nov 2017

Finding the perfect site to hire PHP developers shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. If you have a minute, you should consider filling out Developers for Hire’s PHP questionnaire. On average, it takes only sixty seconds to complete. Answer a few of their questions and you’ll receive personalized results based on your needs. It’s an extremely useful tool if you’re lost on how to begin your talent search.

If you’d rather sort through this list, however, you can rely on the companies c... Read more.

Conceptual Integrity - Sacrifice some of your ideas to implement a better system
Published at: Sun, 13 Aug 2017

What is conceptual Integrity ?

Conceptual integrity is a principle in which if you look at a software/system, you can tell that design is being proceeded from one mind or from group of similar minds. In order to implement a better overall design of a software conceptual integrity should always be there. There might be situations in which certain feature and improvements needs to be omitted which are anomalous in nature in order to reflect one set o... Read more.