Eat, Drink and Code,for tomorrow you may die.


Type command :
`subscribe YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS` : subscribe to latest content once per week
`fortune` : to know your todays coding fortune
`excuse` : to know todays programming excuse
`anagram` : well this is for harry potter fans.
`reset or clear` :to clear terminal window
[root@icbac ~] $
[root@icbac ~] $


Stairway to Code in Node - I
Published at: Wed, 19 Oct 2016

Many of you have heard about Node.js being used by various companies these days like linkedin, paypal, medium, uber and many more (you can see a list of various companies here).

In these upcoming series of posts I will help you learn basics of this technology, develop an app, using a no-SQL database with it, deploying an app using AWS. To keep up ... Read more.

Why programming is fun?
Published at: Sat, 8 Oct 2016

Joy of making things

Writing a code that works and which can do some bunch of stuff has always delighted people. It's like creating new things from scratch and it's you who shape it. This gives you 'God' like feeling in a way that you are the creator and destroyer of the code you are writing, and it's always joy in making new things be it a software or ... Read more.

Some of the technologies you should learn.
Published at: Mon, 3 Oct 2016

This is a follow up post of previous post which explained why you shouldn't be learning only one programming language/technology , if you haven't read that one, please spare some time to read it and then jump to this.

Now let's jump to what technologies should you learn

1. A Low level progra... Read more.

History of Computer Programming