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`fortune` : to know your todays coding fortune
`excuse` : to know todays programming excuse
`anagram` : well this is for harry potter fans.
`reset or clear` :to clear terminal window
[root@icbac ~] $
[root@icbac ~] $


Why is it good to be jack of all trades and master of none in Tech industry.
Published at: Fri, 23 Sep 2016

Technology is evolving rapidly and with the rise in number of startups since last decade, there have been tremendous rise in number of programming languages.

When you are learning to program you must carefully choose your tool (the programming language) in which you would want to code your entire life, right? If this article was being written 10 years ago, i would have simply said just go with JAVA and you will have a great career ahead as a software engineer, but this is not the ... Read more.

Ways to boost performance of a web application and decrease its load time
Published at: Sun, 18 Sep 2016

Web applications are growing very rapidly, below is the graph showing the increase in number of web applications since 2000

0. Cache results for mysql statements.

This is one of the major step if you are not having a static website(a bunch of HTML pages). If your main/home/landing pages have any dynamic ... Read more.

Private attribute accessors ( private getters and setters). Do we need them ? (Ruby version)
Published at: Wed, 7 Sep 2016

I tend to use a lot of attribute accessors to my ruby class’s. They basically add getter and setter methods to my class, for example suppose we have a Snake class, with public method grow, shrink & reputation. Where grow would increase the length of snake by a unit, shrink would decrease lenght by a unit & reputation uses length to calculate snake’s reputation. Here the length is an attribute which would ... Read more.

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